What Could I Do to Improve My Makeup?

What Could I Do to Improve My Makeup?

Makeup is the most awesome thing today. It can do incredible things to really show off a person’s beauty and personality. Your favorite celebrity, whoever it is, look that amazing only with the help of the right makeup which makes them flawless and glamorous. But you can also achieve the fabulous effects of great makeup application just like celebrities and Makeup Artists. You can learn to apply makeup like a professional too.

Here are a few tips that will help you to improve your makeup application to achieve amazing results:

Invest in some Significant Makeup Products

In order to improve your makeup, you need to invest in good makeup products. You can achieve a good makeup look only if you have compatible makeup products. It can be really difficult to apply makeup if the tools you are using are hard to handle. Hence, it’s important to have a nice set of brushes, a foundation that matches your skin tone, concealer, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc.

Watch Tutorials

It’s always the easiest way to go to the internet when you want to learn or improve something. Same goes with makeup. There are much-talented makeup artists out there such as Shweta Gaur, professional Makeup Artist in Delhi who will show you how it’s done. You can simply go to social media sites and watch tutorials of renowned makeup artists to learn the technicalities of makeup and hence improve them in order to get a specific look you like and learn precisely how to achieve it. You can learn step by step tutorials and have great product recommendations.

Learn to Conceal

You need to learn to use concealer properly so that you can successfully hide the blemishes or dark spots if you have any. It will create a flawless makeup look or you, every time. You need to mix the right blend of orange-tinted concealer with a beige-colored concealer that matches your skin tones over your dark circles. Buff the concealer into your skin, until you get to the center of your lower lid, where you’ll want to feather the concealer for a lighter application. Customizing a color-correcting mixture made especially for your skin tone can actually wipe out stubborn spots instead of highlighting them.

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important part of our features. But many women tend to ignore it, and that can ruin the whole makeup look. Experts of Makeup in Delhi suggest that the biggest mistake women make with brows is choosing a color that’s too dark. Dark brows can make you look older, hence you should pick a color that’s a couple of shades lighter than your hair.

Apply more pressure at the bottom of the stroke of the root if you’re using a pencil eyeliner. Use small strokes to make it most look like hair and ease off on the pressure as you flick your stroke upward. Brush the powder in case you are using a powdered eyeliner, starting from the outer corner of your brow and work against the direction of your hair growth. Make sure to highlight the arch with your color, and taper off at the inner corners.

Don’t forget your eyebrows

Line your Lips

Lining your lips is a complete game-changer. Believe it or not, your whole look will be changed once you use a lip liner. It is important to understand the correct procedure to apply lip liner so that it doesn’t look bad. You also must outline your cupid’s bow which will define your lips further. Turn the pencil on the side after you line and start to shade inwards before applying your lipstick.

Line your lips

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

The one sure shot of excelling in anything is to keep practicing. If you want to improve your makeup skills, you need to keep practicing and improving yourself on a regular basis. Try to learn something new every day. Try a different look from time to time to see how much you are learning.

Practice, practice, and practice some more

End Note

The above tips will help you in improving your makeup skills. However, you can also enroll yourself in Makeup Classes as offered by Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy in order to improve your makeup skills and learn new tricks and techniques. You will get to learn makeup from professionals having years of experience in the fashion industry.