Ultimate Step By Step Tutorial For Perfect Makeup Application

Ultimate Step By Step Tutorial For Perfect Makeup Application

Makeup is a very complex live art – and we all have our own set of rules and expertise when we do it. It is often a regular affair, so we stop thinking about it. Have you paused and asked yourself if you are doing it right? Here is the perfect step by step ritual that will give you the perfect Makeup look:

Step 1: A clean slate

Before one starts painting, one needs a white canvas. Similarly, before you start your makeup, you must make sure that you have had cleaned your face, put moisturizer on it, and then applied primer uniformly on your skin.

Step 2: The foundation

This is a crucial step. Purchase a foundation tone that exactly matches your skin. Do not use a fairer tone thinking that it is supposed to make you look bright – it should be your skin tone (unless of course you are into contouring). Then use a duo fiber brush ( the one with white ends and black/brown base) and apply foundation all over your face and neck. Do not miss spots.

Step 3: conceal

Your skin might have uneven bumps, you want to make sure that the bumps get adequately covered. Use a great concealer to cover up those patches. Do not pull the brush when you are using a concealer. Simply dab and let the spot be covered.

Step 4: Highlighter

You can check with a natural light to see which areas of your face get illumined. Highlight exactly those areas – especially cheek bones and Cupid’s brow. Use a contour powder to mellow down the regions where the light didn’t fall – you will achieve a contoured look this way.

Step 5: Blush

Dab a blush of your choice on your cheeks, and extend it up to your brow line, but only subtly.

Step 6: Eyeshadow pop

Use a favorite eyeshadow to pop up your eyes – place the powder close to your lash line, and blend the product well in throughout your lids. Remember to use three different tones of the same shade – to enhance the effect. Fill in your brows with the brow pencil, and remember to line your eyes with kohl or eyeliner. Put on some mascara, and you’re good to go!

Step 7: Lip love

Use a liner to line your lips, and then dab in your favorite lipstick for the amazing look!

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