This is Probably The Easiest Way To Clean Your Beauty Blender

This is Probably The Easiest Way To Clean Your Beauty Blender

There can’t be anything worse than washing our beauty blender. It usually accumulates so much pigment that washing it off becomes a tough job. But that is till yesterday. We have found out a simple solution to get this problem through.

Beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis has solved it for us. She has used a kid’s mini washer as the perfect tool to clean her blender. This mini washer costs only $9 on Amazon, and it works just perfectly.

Fill water (half) into the machine, add in your facewash, or detergent, and then add in your blender. You are done! The mini washer successfully cleaned up powder and light formulations very easily. But built up layers of foundation and contour was difficult to clean.

Hand soap was tedious to clean, and it wasn’t of much use. The face wash worked better in breaking down the components and cleaning the blender better than soap. Washing up liquid worked the fastest!

The blender should work well, not exceptionally great, but should do an average cleaning. The washer can also clean up brushes, and it is a fun technique to get things done. Overall this provided a great way to have fun with makeup blenders and washes, but the usual technique was quicker and more efficient.

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