The Tutorials by Shweta Gaur for Best Eye Makeup

The Tutorials by Shweta Gaur for Best Eye Makeup

A large population of women would definitely agree that in the beauty industry, eye makeup is the most important thing to know. Well, the confusion always occurs in getting the ideal eye shadow look, mascara or brow use, one time all these elements are in place; you attained a position of loveliness that can only be portrayed as superb. Though, attaining this state of perfection can be difficult as it is not necessary that if a thing works for one will work for others. So as a makeup artist, we have divided it according to your eyes.

The Eyeliner Technique for All Eyes:

We all are blessed with different kinds of eyes like almond, round, wide and close, so working with them requires different types of eyeliners, Right! We have brought the right tricks to faultless eyeliner that goes well with all eye shape.

Step 1: Spot It

Use the top part of the eyeliner brush and a cream or gel eyeliner to make a dotted line around your upper lashes as it will highlight the area where you want to put eyeliners.

Step 2: Connect It

Take the blurred side and mix the dots jointly to make a single soft stroke. Make sure it mixes well on your face and appears perfectly. It will be good if you take the help of your fingers and rotate gently in the form of massage.

Step 3: Flair-It

To give a bold style, Shweta a celebrity makeup artist in Delhi says to coat a little eye shadow on top of your eyeliner for a burst of color. Connect the dots eyeliner trick to use for any eye shape!

How to Shape Eyebrows Perfectly:

There are numerous tricks available outside planned to assist you to get the perfect eyebrows. Our passion for brows develops so high; we developed a makeup artist course on how to create perfect eyebrows. The secret to a correct eyebrow can be categorized into four points –

Point 1: The inside of your eyebrow should line up with the outer of the nose to define the start and end of your eyes. Be careful while lining up!

Point 2: The main tip of your arc should be where the slanting line expands from the outer surface of your nose to the external of your pupil would strike.

Point 3: The outside point of your eyebrow should narrow at the point where your eyebrow and the slanting row from your nose to the outer spot of your eye would crisscross.

Point 4: The base of the inside and outside corners of your eyebrow should line up flat. It is necessary to do so as it will not only help you to balance your eyebrows, but also keep in shape.

There are many styles for different occasions, just choose one and apply on yourself. Definitely, the above information will help you to get the best eye makeup for your special day. Discover the eye makeup looks you want to try out and let us know.

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