The Best Pink Lipsticks According To Your Skin Tone

The Best Pink Lipsticks According To Your Skin Tone

It doesn’t matter if you like bold or neutral – pink reigns of both. There’s always the bright fuchsia or the nude pink to suit both your party and office tones. Pink has so many shades that it can often be so intimidating to pick – which is where we come to help you.

Begin With Your Undertones:

Check for the pink shade that lies beneath your skin. These undertones will determine which color palette will suit you. That way you can figure out your soulmate pink and sport that shade with pride!

Blue Veins:

If you have blue veins, that would mean you have pink undertones.

Green Undertones:

This would imply that you have yellow undertones.

Both Present Together:

If you have them both, then you would look great in neutrals!

Expert tip: look at your jewelry collection for a clue – if silver looks great on you, then maybe, you have cooler pink undertones, and if gold looks great on you, then you have a yellow undertone, and if you sport both well, then, Neutral!

Picking The Pink Lipsticks For The Fair Skin Types:

Pick a light baby pink, or a bright shade of pink for yourself. You could also try adventurous electric pinks and look dazzling for your party! The cooler, the better! Know about Party makeup Wanna grab attention at a party?

Pinks For A Medium Skin Tone:

You might want to go for neutral pinks, that bends towards brown and caramel, or even bluish and purple. These look just perfect – the deeper nude shades complement your skin and you look great in them.

Pink For Deep Skin Tones:

Do Not Worry – radiant colors look brilliant on dark tones. Go pick the brightest shade and walk around in it! You’ll look the best. Go for magenta or fuchsia even – you can rock ‘em all!

An extra pro tip, we learn that fairer skin looks great in heavily pigmented formulas, so liquid is the way to go. For medium you could go with a matte finish of neutral shades, and deep skin tones can play around with both tones!

Now that you know this great secret knowledge, it’s time to have fun with these colors!

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