The Best Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eye Colour

The Best Eyeshadow Palette for Your Eye Colour

We have often compared eye shadow palettes on the basis of skin tone, but we have forgotten to match it on the eye colour. The eye colour constitutes very importantly of the entire looks when one decides to put on eye shadow, and the look entirely will determine how great or how badly it has been pulled off. Eyeshadow is always pretty to look at – they come in different shades, they are of different textures, and they bring a pop to the eyes. The problem is because they completely change the look of the makeup – you often cannot decide which one to go for. Shweta Gaur makeup Artist suggest a perfect guide to your eye shadow routine.

Brown Eyes:

The warm eyes always look great when enhanced with brown, gold or purple tones. The brown is always considered to be a neutral colour for the eyes, and to bring it out, one would need to accentuate the looks. Play with holiday colours and make the most of it – try wild to undertones, everything does the magic here.

Blue Eyes:

This is a standout shade, and if you are planning to stand out in the crowd, blend in some orange. If you want a dual undertone, use terra cotta or browns to subdue it. Try gold, neutrals, coppers, and whatever you can lay hands on – but do not go for blues. Same tones will create disasters.

Green and Hazel:

Rust, plums, purples, reds do magic with this eye type. Subtle or bold, make your choice here. But never try sea green on top of the shade you already possess. You could even play around with golds and browns.

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