The Best Eyeliner Tips That Will Change Your World

The Best Eyeliner Tips That Will Change Your World

We know that liner is probably the most challenging aspect of makeup, and maybe you are struggling the most here. Well fear not, we are here with the most comprehensive guide that is supposed to help you to sail through!

First things first: know that there are three kinds of liners. There are the pencil ones, the gel ones, and of course the liquid ones. You could use these depending on your level of expertise. If you are a beginner, begin with pencils. They are easy to draw with and are great for basic outlines. They will not have that great a voluminous effect that liquids and gels have. Gel liners, on the other hand, glide across very smoothly.

They can be thick, and they often come in a little pot with a free brush. This is already an intermediate to expert level, so you need to be super-confident of yourself before you use this product. The liquids are often used because of the high define line that they produce. They come in pen styled brush, and they might take some time to dry, so you have to have patience if you are using this product.

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Different colours of eyeliners have different effects: So here is another important factor that you must understand. Different colours are suppose to make you look different. The black is suppose to give you a well defined and bold look. The brown is suppose to provide you with a subtle and smoky look. The white one is meant to make your eyes look bigger. Gray is to give your eyes a soft and bright look, while nude is to make your eye look alive, navy gives it a trendy look and glitter will, of course, add a sparkly look.

Shaky hands: This is a real problem that needs problem-solving. Just sit down and fix your arm on a flat surface. Try fixing your little finger on your cheek and draw small dotted lines on the outline of your eye. If you stabilise your arms well, the eyeliner will come out great. Join your eyeliner dots and make a complete line out of them. Voila!

Liquid eyeliner: Use the dot technique again. That makes things smoother and high density!

Dashes and dots: If you are still not confident, try the dots and dash technique. Should work beautiful and create a guideline based on which you can draw a high eye line!

Be Strategic In Your Makeup

Pulling face: do not be pulling your cheeks to one side for drawing eyeliner. There is no need to do that. Draw your liner in normal condition and if messy clean up with lotion.

Smudges: if you have eyeliner smudges here and there, use a lotion or primer on a cotton bud and clean the messy area.

Messy lines: if your line is still dirty after using this technique, use a cotton bud to clean up and give way to a clean eye line!

Invest in Good Makeup Tools

Smudge brush: If you are still not confident, use a smudge brush to create a smoky eye look. That would be amazing!

Tight lining: if you are someone who doesn’t want anything more than natural looks, then try putting liner under your lash line. That works just the perfect – a balance between intense eye looks and natural looks.

Multi-line your eyes: you can start dramatically playing with shades and multi-layering them once you have mastered the art of eyeliner. The sky is the limit in this case!

Your eyeliner shape: once you are pro at this, you can figure out which shape suits you best. You can experiment with old bolly style, or cat eyes, or wings or whatever new you can invent!

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