Summer Makeup Tips for Perfect Makeup

Summer Makeup Tips for Perfect Makeup

The blistering temperature of the summer season is dreadful to stand. Not only it can affect our health, but our hair and skin also and can cause tanning or sunburns. Hence, it becomes important to take proper care of our skin in this season, and the makeup we are putting on our face as suggested by Makeup Artists in Delhi.  And when it comes to getting ready and putting on makeup, women feel resistant due to the heat, which may melt our makeup and spoil our look. You need to have a totally different kind of beauty and skincare regime for this season.

Here we are with summer makeup tips on how to style for your beauty and makeup during the summer season:

Wear Less Makeup

The first recommendation regarding makeup in the summer season is to avoid wearing more makeup. Summer season anyways makes your skin sticky and if you wear a huge amount of makeup then it’s not going to stick for a long period of time. You probably have heard about the famous saying, “Less is More”, and it fits best for the summer makeup. Makeup can move around also when the weather is hot, hence it is advised not to wear a lot of makeup.


The chief thing that you must remember is to cleanse your face carefully in summer. Also, make sure that you do not go in the sun immediately after that. Make a morning or night cleansing routine as part of a routine skincare regime and is also an important summer makeup tip for oily skin.

First, cleanse your face to remove all dirt and filth with the help of cleanser. You can use a good moisturizing face wash to cleanse your skin. The cucumber, Aloe Vera and papaya alternates also do well and are available in several brands.

Cleansing In Summe


The best makeup for summer heat will start from the perfect foundation. The foundation should be selected as per the skin tone, as per preference you can go either for creamy kind of consistency or light coverage or thick coverage. Try light makeup in case you want to go for an everyday makeup look. You can go for a full and heavy coverage foundation if you are attempting party makeup. Select foundation closer to your shade, apply on the face with the help of foundation brush evenly all over face and neck. Invest in a good summer makeup foundation which has SPF for this season.


Choose Summer-Friendly Makeup Products

During the summer season, it’s important to use oil-free and summer makeup products as this season your skin will produce more oil as compared to other seasons. Hence it becomes important to check the ingredient list of the products that you will be using.

Invest in Good Makeup Tools

Apply your tinted moisturizer with a synthetic rubbing brush, in order to avoid a makeup landslide. This technique keeps it from looking oily and helps foundation last much longer.

Invest in Good Makeup Tools

Switch to Waterproof Formulas

It’s important to invest in waterproof eye products in the summer season- whether it is kajal, eyeliner or mascara. Most of the eye products will end up either running with the heat from the body and the summer’s high temperatures, whereas a waterproof eyeliner won’t smudge or run.

Touch Up

After the makeup, it’s important to go for that extra touch up for that extra glow. Add on a soft tone or brown tone blush in summer. This will add to the look and make your cheeks seem perkier. Further highlighter will make your face glow even more in this heat. Apply on the tip of the nose, on the chin and on cheekbones to look attractive.

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