Special Makeup Look for Teej Festival

Special Makeup Look for Teej Festival

Festivals are an occasion that gives us a chance to dress up well and have fun with makeup. Families get together and celebrations are on peak. You can use such an occasion to try new makeup looks as well. The upcoming festival of Teej is a special occasion for women. They have to wear new clothes and put on makeup to create a beautiful look. Teej is one such festival that is celebrated with extreme splendor mostly in North India which is celebrated at the beginning of monsoon.

With Teej celebrations here, we have a special make-up look tutorial that would help you look vibrant and glamorous on the days of this festival. Follow the steps given below to get ready for the occasion:

The Base of the Look

You need to keep your base flawless so that the full face makeup can be applied well. You should start with a moisturizer to make the skin smooth. It will prepare your skin for the consequent makeup to come. Make sure that you have a unified base in order to achieve a long-lasting and unblemished make-up. Prime your face and follow it up with a full coverage foundation.

Base of the look

Eye- Makeup

You need to use some colorful shades for your eye makeup. Apply a layer of sparkly gold shadow all over your lids. Combine a bright pink towards the outer corners and add definition to your eyes by adding brown eye-shadow in your crease. Use a liquid liner to wing out both your eyes. Strike a balance using a pink shadow and smoking out your lower lash line. Apply mascara to Add volume to your lashes. Apply kohl to your lower as well as upper waterline and do not apply it onto the inner corner of the eyes. This makes the eyes look open. You can also learn to create beautiful eye makeup by enrolling yourself in Self Makeup Course as offered by Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy. It has various makeup and hairstyle courses which will help you in enhancing your makeup kill and learning new makeup techniques as well.

Eye makeup


You should go for lighter blush as the eyes already reflect screaming vibrancy, go for an exceptionally light blush. A cream blush would suit this entire makeup look and look more natural. The highlighter is an essential product to apply in such events as it catches the light and reflects the right amount of photographs that you will be clicked. It makes your skin look completely glowing and beautiful. You can skip the contouring part because that will overdo the whole look. As per the expert Makeup Artist in Laxmi Nagar, you should not use extra blush on your cheeks, as it will make you look extra rosy and the whole look may lose its charm.



To give a finishing touch you should use a hot red-colored shade. Take a substantial amount of lip balm before you initiate your makeup and remove it before applying your lipstick. It will make your lipstick last for longer.

This will help your lipstick last longer and abstain your lips from drying. In the end, set your makeup by brushing a light layer of translucent powder all over your face. In this way, your makeup will not look cakey. You can also spray rose water all over your face and let it dry. This is going to offer a more natural finish to your makeup and will add a bit of shine to the whole look.


Create this whole look will be stunning if you follow the steps properly. Celebrate this Teej with special makeup looks as created by celebrity makeup artist, Shweta Guar. She is one of the Top Makeup Artist in Delhi. She has been into the makeup industry or more than a decade now and has immense experience in creating stunning looks for various occasions.

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