Some Popular Beauty Concerns and their Fixes

Some Popular Beauty Concerns and their Fixes

We all have come across some significant beauty concerns, and we have wondered in despair that what we’d do now! Well cut the despair drama and think straight. There’s a fix for everything, and we can help come to the right solution. There’s a vast list of fixes that can help you with almost everything, and you needn’t worry, it’s going to be fine! 

Problem 1: red lipstick on teeth

Okay, Calm Down! Red lips are sexy, and you tried it out. Don’t curse yourself for it, and it is alright if you messed up. This might be sex appeal gone to the gutters, but worry not, we have the right fit for you. So forget the embarrassment for now, and concentrate on the fix. 

Fix for problem 1: red lipstick of the teeth

As soon as you apply red lipstick on your lips, remember to blot out the excess on a tissue. Then remember to stick in one finger and erase out any excess that you might have to linger around the sides. If you want extra protection, use a thin layer of Vaseline on your teeth to protect it from staining red. There, we saved you! 

Problem 2: Eye shadow falls over your cheeks

Has your eye powder suddenly migrated to become the rouge? Has it come off to your cheeks as well? After you complete your foundation process, dusting eye shadow on your eyes can be slightly reckless as the powder always manages to trickle down to your cheeks. What can you do? 

Neglecting Your Brows

Fix for problem 2: the magic trick

When you are applying eye shadow, fold a tiny piece of paper and hold it under your eyes. This will catch up all the eye shadow powder and prevent any cheeky disasters. This should be good enough not to allow immigrants on your cheeks! 

Problem 3: deodorant marks on your clothes

We know that you sweat and to prevent that you keep rubbing that deodorant stick on your body. And your clothes getting stained with that formulation is a regular thing. The last thing that you would want is to wear an LBD and then get white grey stains on it. We are here with the most effective fix. 

Fix for problem 3: move to an invisible formulation

We have the perfect solution for you. Buff the affected area with a drying sheet until the deodorant is absorbed. If you don’t have anything nearby that can help you with this, you can rub the cloth against each other and get it absorbed. And for the next time, you can use a better invisible formulation. 

Problem 4: Mascara Clumps

We all want the perfect lashes, and we know we might go overboard with the product. If it is forming clumps, maybe it is time to throw the product. It has aged. 

Solution 4: How to fix the clumps

To remove clumps, take your eyelashes between a baby wipe and pull gently to remove excess products. Then apply small amounts of Vaseline on your fingertips and rub it on your eyelashes to define it well. Then use the new product uniformly and voila – the lashes you want! 

Beauty problem 5: your bronze tan is too much

This is the ultimate faux pas, and you might be in a soup. That’s alright; practice makes perfect; you might want to train yourself further. 

Fix 5: keep powder/liquid bronze ready

You might want to keep this handy and use it wherever you have missed. Dust with some bronze powder to have a sexy finish! 

Beauty problem 6: Frizzy Hair

This one is real trouble, with all your attire well planned, this one can mar your party. 

Your fix 6: keep dryer sheets

Keep dryer sheets everywhere under your sink, in your purse and use it on your curly hair. You will feel relieved to see that your curly hair is settling down right in place, and your hair will also feel amazing and smell amazing! 

Problem 7: pimple breakouts

This is a party popper, and it bugs everyone a lot! Annoying though, you cannot afford to conduct medical surgery on it. Here’s what you can do to fix it. 

Fix 7: reduce the zit

Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and apply this on the zit. Remember to apply minimal pressure too. Keep this on for 5 10 minutes, and then apply an antibiotic ointment on it. Use a concealer over it to hide the side effects or redness. 

So here’s the list of compiled hacks that you can apply for your beauty zaps! Approach our makeup artist now for more.

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