Party Looks For The Celebration of Lohri

Party Looks For The Celebration of Lohri

Hey Guys! We are pretty sure that you had an amazing time on the evening by welcoming the New Year with your closed ones. January has arrived with its cold waves across India and give us an excuse to snuggle up in the bed with a hot cup of coffee or tea and watch our favorite movie to indulge in.

We are just one day away from the first festival (as per Hindu’s calendar) of this New Year called “Lohri”. The celebration of this carnival holds a strong significance for a bride and a new pregnant woman to greet a new baby in her family. It is celebrated with much grandeur in Punjab and nearby cities like – Delhi. With the exception of its technical value in which Lohri message the closing stages of the cold winter, it also a symbol of celebration with near and dear ones over the bonafire and dance. So, if you are a new bride and looking for the best look for this festive, look no where else and get best Party Makeup in Delhi.

With one day to come for this festival, we are very sure that you have planned something special for yourself. The Venue has been decided and menu have been prepared if you have planned to host a party at your house. As a new bride, this might be your much-awaited break from your household duties, even if for some hours. Whether you are going outside or celebrating the Lohri at your home, you have reason to get the best look and flaunts your beauty. Shweta Gaur suggesting some of the best Party Makeup looks which you can hold confidently at Lohri.

Don’t be anxious if you aren’t a good Makeup Artist. Makeup is really a creative activity so we have brought you some simple makeup looks to this festive evening. The makeup ideas we have suggested are fairly simple and will take the shortest time.

Celebrate the first festival of this year with top three looks:

Marsala Color For Your Lip:

Marsala has been seen showy by models internationally and looks elegant on the lips. Still wondering, it is a gorgeous color made with a mix of plum and burgundy. It goes down well with the Indian skin complexion and gives you a natural Party Makeup in Noida. The color shade not only considered favorable for your lips, but also looks awesome on your nails and hair. Try it, your friend and family members definitely come to ask the shade of your lip color. With this you can apply light makeup or completely nude makeup to balance the striking color.

Smoky Eyes Looks Conspicuous:

A new bride with heavy eyes called gorgeous in the dictionary and usually loved by young girls during their party time. Smoky eyes look so trendy and women are sporting with it now a day. The attractive smoky eyes define not only your eye’s beauty, but also goes well with your bright and bold lips. Try this, you will absolutely feel beautiful, confident and attractive. Your friends will feel jealous when you flaunt your smoky eyes in front of them.

Opt Simple or No Look:

Many of us don’t like to hire a Makeup Artist in Delhi and if you are one of them who are a makeup freak, then you can go for minimalism. As a new bride, you hold various household duties to perform and in such drawing time for your wellness and beauty is not possible. This is where the minimum look will come to rescue you. Just identify your positive features of your face and use bold and bright lipstick. Don’t forget to highlight your cheeks with right highlighter.

Mungfali di khushboo te Gurh di Mithaas,
Makki di Roti te Sarso da Saag,
Dil di khushi te aapneya da Pyar,
Mubarak Hove Tuhanu LOHRI Da Tyohaar.

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