One Makeup Genius Trick that you don’t Know About

One Makeup Genius Trick that you don’t Know About

If you think that talcum powder is just for babies, you might want to think again. Talc has myriad uses, and you need to fit it into your daily beauty routine.

This magic powder can help you not only in beauty rituals but also in body care and daily routine. Talc could be creatively used to solve a lot of problems,  from keeping legs smooth, to help you beat the summer heat, here are ten creative ways to use the white magic powder:

Skin Treatment

You may be surprised to know that Talcum powder can heal damage in the skin. Eczema, dry skin, sores can all be treated with talcum powder. It works as a moisturiser to help soothe dry skin. If you have areas of irritated skin, you can rub talcum powder for an instant calming effect. Using medicated powders can also help relieve stronger forms of skin allergies.

Thicken Eyelashes

When you are dusting lashes with talcum powder before you apply mascara, and be surprised with the volume and fuller, longer-looking lashes without the need for falsies.

Use White Liner to Cover your Eyelids

As A Makeup Setter

Talcum powder also helps to set the makeup by absorbing facial oils.

Replacement Of Dry Shampoo

If you’ve brown hair, you could dust some powder on your hair and keep it free of oil and grease.

To Prevent Chafing

Powder helps to reduce chafing by bringing down the friction between thighs. So even if it’s a hot summer or an exercise routine, talcum can create wonders for you!

To Cool Your Sheets

A great idea to cool off in summer could be applying powder on your sheets. This drastically brings down the heat, prevents rash and sores and acts as a soft moisturiser.

For Silky Smooth Legs

Coconut oil for cracked feet

If your legs are rough after exfoliation, you could dust in some powder. Your feet will be automatically moisturised, considering that powder is exceptionally moist.

To Freshen Up Clothes

If you are storing some clothes in the wardrobe and they consistently smell bad, you could shift to using the powder in creative ways. Sprinkle some powder on a dish and leave it to moisturise your clothes environment. You’ll visibly notice the difference in hours.

To Stop Shoes Smelling

If you have smelly shoes, you could thoroughly sprinkle some powder on your shoes and save yourself the horror of nasty odours. This works as brilliant sorcery and eliminates all traces of smell.

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