Olive Skin Tone Makeup Ideas:

Olive Skin Tone Makeup Ideas:

You might have purchased the foundation, and then it doesn’t match your skin tone. It rather looks like dead skin, and extremely ashen. When you go back to get a warm shade, it looks like you have had a tan. This is happening because you are in the spectrum of warm and cool shade.

When your skin has a blended green shade with brown, that is an olive skin tone. It can be between dark and light, combined with red hues. This is an olive skin neutral tone, and here are the makeup suggestions for them.

Picking the right foundation:

You need to find the perfect foundation shade and then you are mostly sorted for the day. Foundations that have the label of neutral are perfectly suited. If you aren’t a foundation person, CC and BB creams do great.


Peaches and pinks look brilliant for the olive skin. You could also take up the bronze shade, since this complements your skin quite too well.

Eye shadows for the olive skin:

Gold and bronze shades are the best when you are trying your party look. You could also try blues and purples for a great formal look.

Lipsticks for the olive:

You might experiment with a wide range of shades right from the nudes and pinks, right up to the oranges and purples. Just make sure when you are picking a nude, it should compliment your skin tone and doesn’t become grey when you are applying to your lips.

Highlight and contour:

Opt for mattes and bronzes mostly when you want to contour and highlight. Always get a trial first, and check if the shades are making you look ashen or not. Do not use shades to warm your skin, because you are already on the bright side of caramel.

Follow these tips and you are good to go! You will look bright and radiant, just like your skin.

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