Night Time Skin Regime: the Do’s and Don’ts

Night Time Skin Regime: the Do’s and Don’ts

Are you taking good care of your skin? There are a lot of things that you must be doing to save your skin from damage. Find this elaborate care process listed that you must follow religiously.

Avoid the night time showers: do not take too many showers; we know that the night ones are for you to remove the sweat, but a lot of water can create havoc for your skin. It will actually dry up the skin and leave it cracked. Always replenish with a great moisturizer after bathing.  We suggest drinking a lot of water to hydrate your skin from within. Also remember your fruits and vegetables.

Not too dense formulas: let your skin breathe with moisturizers. Preferably choose water based moisturizers that aren’t too heavy on your skin. Heavy moisturizers can create a thick barrier on your skin and can prevent pores from breathing. Formulas often have chemicals that can clog your pores. Our advice is to go light! Use a night time lotion and let your skin rejuvenate automatically.

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 Removal of makeup: before you hit the sack, remember to erase all that junk from your face. A very important factor, makeup tends to clog your pores and you run the risk of acne. Use a cleanser to scrub off the products. Do not multi-layer your face with products at night as that is equally harmful. Use one cream for your rejuvenation process.

Coffee care: coffee drinking should be limited, too much of it causes dehydration. While you can absolutely bask in limited coffee, you can stock up your makeup kit with coffee products. Coffee is a great skin tightening agent, and is a great anti cellulite cream also. Use coffee products in abundance as they can help you regain your lost glamour.

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Scrubbing rules: do not be scrubbing your skin every night – that is a terrible thing to do. Oily skin can handle scrubbing maximum for 4 times a week. Remember not to cross that limit! Using it too much can cause skin laceration. At night you need to rest your skin, so too much of scrubbing at night is a no!

Quality sleep: this is a great factor that will determine your skin quality. Sleep on your back for better results, and a 6 hour to 8 hour sleep is compulsory. If you are not well rested your blood cortisol level rises up and tt causes a pro-inflammation in your skin leading to all kind of skin problems.  Also if you are sleeping on your back, what happens is fluid is drained away from your face making you look less puffy. This is also an effective way to prevent sleep wrinkles. If you are someone who is subconsciously stomach sleeper get a silk pillow case and sheet because that causes minimum damage.

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Lip care: you shouldn’t skip out this one for sure. Remember to apply a lip balm each day so that you don’t have chapped and dried lips in the morning.

Sleeping masks: while this is optional, these can be used thrice or four times a week not more. After applying your favorite cream you can simply put the mask and let your face absorb the nutrients all night long. This allows your skin to be dewy and hydrated and can be helpful to treat rashness, oily skin, pigmentation and red spots. Remember to read the instructions of the product you are using.

Take good care of your skin to prevent it from premature ageing. Give it the TLC that it deserves and you will have a glowing skin to wake up to, each day.

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