New Year Makeup to Welcome 2019

New Year Makeup to Welcome 2019

New thing in New Year! Well, some may be making a list of New Year Resolutions; you have been looking for the new party makeup look to spellbind your loved ones as your clock strikes to 12:00 at night. After all, your makeup will become a witness of both 2018 and 2019. There is no need to think about as we are going to tell what party makeup in Delhi you can wear during the night of New Year Party. Here are some step by step guide to let you know……………………

Create The Right Foundation:

Before going into details of New Year look, you should create a perfect complexion, which can be achieved by applying the right foundation to provide coverage with a finishing natural look. After that, grab a full coverage concealer to create final touch. Apply it to any spots where it requires extra coverage like under your eyes.

After completing the right base, move over your eyebrows as your New Year is incomplete without it. Use quality gel to give yourself a worth brows that compliments your look. First apply the gel to any sparse areas as suggested by makeup artist using the doe foot applicator. Then use angled brush to outline the shape of your brows and arc.

Get Some Eye Shadow:

It is time to apply some eye shadow. Apply gold shadow onto your eyelid to provide the glittering look and the same shadow use on lashing lines to create a smoldering effect. Eye shadow not only make your eyes look bigger, but also gives you an elegant look to please. Before you use shadow, make sure to use shadow brush to crease the harsh lines.

Add Some Line:

Your eyes are the most beautiful part of your body and you should always apply quality eye products. After adding shadow on your eyelids, create lines on the edge of the eyes through the eyeliners to define your eyes. Pencil eyeliner will be perfect for outlining the eye and get complete exposure through it.

Apply Some Mascara:

Makeup artist in Delhi say’s “Mascara is the thing that you can’t ignore and it is compulsory when you want a perfect New Year party makeup”. Use quality mascara to provide the bounce look in your eyes as it adds extra depths to your eyelashes. Mascara contains unique features and look so cool.

Color Your Lips:

Hello girls! When it comes to lip makeup, you will definitely want to get classy yet elegant lipstick to color your lips. Hot lips not only fill excitement inside you, but also help your lips to carry your lipstick for a long time. It will be great to find the right lipstick for your lips as quality products always work well and provide you better results.

All above tips will definitely help your New Year Evening a great time for you. If you want to make this time an inspiration for others, then these party makeup artist in Delhi ideas will definitely give you a way to compel them to follow your path. Nothing to say, just Happy New Year!

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