Nail Care Tips for You

Nail Care Tips for You

Those who love long nails, this is for you! Nails decked with pretty shades is only the exterior; you must be working on the nails underneath the paint too. You can invest in nail care at home and grow healthy habits that help to keep your nails healthy. They might be dead tissues, but remember they are still a part of you. If you have brittle nails, follow this procedure to achieve healthy glowing nails in just a few days! 

  1. Clean hands and nails: Did you know that spaces, cracks and crevices in your nails and alongside tissues often accumulate fungus? If you want healthy nails, the first thing would be to clean your nails. Wash your hands after you dig up any dirt, food or anything for that matter. Do not leave chipped nail polish on your nails either – that is a gross habit. Use good acetone removers to remove leftover polish. Use a great hand wash for better results. 
  2. TLC for hands: Scrubbing and buffing can be a great idea when you are thinking of hand hygiene. Do not be using sharp metal tools for cleaning, because that may cause a gap. Instead of that, try blunt tools for fungal removal ( they appear as white sheets ).  You can use glass files to clean up nail too. There are nail spa’s available in the market – rely on those also! They are incredibly versatile and help with your nail hygiene routine. 
  3. Trim nails daily: This one is significant. Do not let them constantly grow like untamed hedges. Clipping nails is a compulsory aspect of nail hygiene, and one should do it every fortnight. Disinfect hands after nail clipping. You can choose to clip your nails and trim them to maintain smooth edges. 
  4. Nail files to be kept close: when you are running around all day, your nail may happen to face some wear and tear. To prevent further injury, you might need to trim or file off the injured head. Keep this handy to minimise damage to nails. 
  5. Stop fiddling with your cuticles: if you keep pushing that cuticle backwards, your nails will be in trouble. You can use cuticle oils and creams to boost growth; that way, you will have healthier nails. Do not pull them out – that can potentially damage your nail structure.
  6. Base coats: use a good base coat to protect your nails. It is just like sunscreen – it must be done to save the nails from damage. This can help secure your brittle nails too – so if you haven’t yet used this product, now is the time. 
  7. Gel nails should be rare: exposure to UV damages cells, so your nails are no different. Try not to use this technique to paint your nails. You can apply an SPF cream before this procedure, but the best would be to avoid this altogether. 
  8. Avoid harmful formulations: start reading the labels. You need to avoid some chemicals like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, etc. These can erode your skin and cause you more trouble than good. Look for harmless formulations that are not tested on animals or contains animal-derived ingredients. 
  9. Moisturising is essential: you may be underestimating the value of this, but trust us, this is key! Keep your hands supple and moist with your favourite moisturiser, especially when you are sleeping. Little steps go a long way. 
  10. Proteins: you may be thinking what’s this got to do with nails? Your nails and hair are all about keratin which is a complex protein. So you eat protein to grow protein – simple! Eat a lot of dairy, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds for healthy skin and nail growth. Bonus, your hair grows strong too!   

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