Makeup Secrets to Looking Younger

Makeup Secrets to Looking Younger

Sometimes we need to be careful about how we are applying makeup on our face on a regular basis. As this practice might be affecting your age factor too. Best Bridal Makeup Experts suggest that there some makeup techniques that can make you look older, hence you must avoid them and try to do something that can make you look younger and better.

Here are some makeup secrets that can make you look younger:


Exfoliation gets rid of dead, dry skin cells to reveal the fresher skin beneath. You can gently scrub your face and body using a washcloth, along with an exfoliating cleanser. Exfoliating frequently will help remove dull, chipped skin. Also, do not scrub too hard as it can make you skin look raw and irritated.


Always begin your Makeup with a Primer

You need to start following a proper skincare routine that is specifically made according to your age group as it will give you a fresher, younger look. With age, our skin dries and thins out also, so the products that you were using five years ago may look quite outdated today. A good regime includes skin primer, as a high-quality primer fills in small wrinkles, making them less visible.

Avoid Thick Foundation

If you still applying foundation directly over your aging skin, you’re likely adding years to your look. 

It creates a dense topcoat that will break into deep cracks, which look far worse than the fine lines that you may want to hide. Hence, you should first apply moisturizer, primer, then a light liquid foundation for added skin-plumping moisture as recommended by Freelance Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi. Also, tap it in gently with a sponge, rather than rubbing it in.

Avoid Thick Foundation

Renew Tired Eyes

First of all, you need to take proper rest, to make your eyes look less tired. Sleep activates the discharge of hormones that help the skin remain denser and more elastic. Cut back on salt and stay well hydrated to reduce eye puffiness. You can also use cool cucumber slices or moist tea bags for calming swollen eyes.

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows 

Eyebrows are the most important facet of your face because they outline the face. But with age, the brows tend to grow thinner and greyer. To put eyebrows back on you should use an eyebrow pencil that complements your hair color. You can also place powder over the pencil to keep it on a place. Some women also choose to have eyebrows permanently tattooed, but you should avoid doing that due to safety concerns.

How to do your Eyes

The eyelids tend to sink as we age, so the goal is to pull attention away from the lid and toward the actual eye, and for that eyeliner is the product that you need. 

Apply it in a thin line along the line where the lashes arise, top and bottom. This will boost the shape of your eye and create the impression of thicker lashes. Use soft shades and a light touch when applying eye shadow.

How to do your Eyes

Moisturize your lips

With increasing age, our lips tend to get dry, therefore it’s important to moisturize often. You can use Lip balms with vitamin E, shea butter or petroleum jelly. In order to protect against the sun’s drying effect, look for a product with sunscreen. Be sure to let the stain dry completely before applying lip balm if you are using prolonged lipstick.

Plump Up the Lips

Try not to wear too glossy lipsticks as that may draw attention to your wrinkles. This happens because lipstick is a cream, and it tends to slip into any low spaces such as the lines around your lips. Use a moisturizer, to keep colour from dripping, then coat the lips with foundation before applying lipstick. Start coating the lips with foundation. Next, line the lips and fill them in entirely with a pencil. Use a lipstick brush in the end to apply a lip-plumping lipstick.

Plump Up the Lips

Whiten Tainted Teeth

Your teeth will also lose its whiteness with time, hence you should start using whitening toothpaste that can help remove surface stains so your teeth look about one shade lighter. You can also try peroxide-based whitening gels or strips. Such products lighten the surface of your teeth to change your natural tooth color. You can also go to various treatments that are used to get the desired shade.

Handle your Hair with Care

You can give thinning hair the impression of more body with some simple styling tricks. Use a large round brush to add volume and lift the hair. Use the cool button on your hairdryer to set the style. Styling with hot rollers is another good option. 

Take Care of your Hands

The skin on the hands has very little fatty tissue beneath it and can easily become wrinkled when dry. Applying moisturizer throughout the day can draw water into the skin to help hands look to more youthful and desirable. Look for a moisturizer that contains, hyaluronic acid, glycerine, shea butter. You can also use lightening creams to diminish age spots on the hands.

Pamper Your Hands

Strengthen your Nails

Prevent fragile nails by avoiding harsh soaps and moisturizing having petroleum jelly or thick creams. Vitamin B7 supplements, also called biotin, may help soften stiff, fragile nails. Top Makeup Artist in Noida always says that in order to avoid unpleasant hangnails and ingrown nails, be sure to trim your nails correctly. 

Strengthen Your Nails

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