Makeup Courses- All You Need to Know

Makeup Courses- All You Need to Know


Details to understand about the makeup art and the makeup industry, the makeup course will make you learn the tricks for making faultless makeup styles and find out what professional future as a makeup artist involves. The course is perfect for looking a career in the makeup industry or for those who want to learn the basics of makeup to make a beautiful look.

Who is this course for?

The course is ideal for those people who want to get better their makeup skills and application techniques. It is also appropriate for those that have earlier done some beauty training and are looking to revive and improve their existing knowledge. If you are searching to get an overview regarding the makeup artist in East Delhi then this course will be for you.

Types of Makeup Courses:

Advanced Makeup Course – Designed for those people who wants to develop their skills in the latest trends for modern look, includes an advanced training at our studio with sensible practices to give you more exposure on it. The advanced makeup course in Delhi brings a chance to learn from the Delhi’s best makeup artists and consider them as your mentor.

Airbrush Makeup Course – With increasing demand for crystal-clear makeup, using an Airbrush has turn into a key skill in the beauty world. Its flawless finishing and long-lasting effects can be used in any kind of makeup industry. Whether you are looking for bridal, fashion, TV, film, and others, the airbrush makeup course is perfect.

Personal Makeup Course – The course offer our students hands-on-training in personal makeup to assist them create a glamorous, gorgeous and stunning look. It is designed for both beginners and experienced people that wants to become a professional makeup artist. The makeup classes are taken by some industry experts and trainers.

Weekend Makeup Course – Are you passionate about fashion industry, but don’t have time to do courses? Try out our weekend makeup course especially designed for those people are working and keep interest in makeup. The weekend makeup course meets their busy schedule and provides flexible hours to join the classes and learn about the beauty and makeup.

Hair Style Courses – Join our short-term hair style courses to learn about hair cutting, hair treating, hair styling and hair colouring. The course never fails to provide you comprehensive information about the hair trends and texture. It is mainly customised for those people who wish to become a professional hair stylist in the fashion industry!

Career in Makeup Artist: 

A career as a makeup artist may be perfect for creative individuals who want to do something divergent for movies, television, theatre and someone’s appearance. Some artists become cosmetologists where as some associate with big companies or work as a freelance makeup artist.

Required Education – Associate degree or training program is must or degree in cosmetologists
License required – It is compulsory when you start a career as a freelance makeup.
Average Growth – 15% of annual growth is expected around the world
Salary Prospects – You can earn better with the growing years


Role & Responsibilities:

The job of makeup artist is little interesting. They analyze your skin to know what type of it is and study the face’s natural shape. They prepare your skin for makeup application by doing cleansing and moisturizing and protect you from unpleasant skin affects. By using different cosmetic products like powder, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and others, makeup artists creates favorable results for the clients.

Career Options:

With getting professional makeup courses in Delhi, an individual can start their career as a –

  • Freelance makeup artist
  • Bridal makeup artist
  • Salon & Spa makeup artist
  • Stage & Theatre makeup artist
  • Celebrity makeup artist
  • Makeup company sales representative
  • Makeup blogger

Where you will get the best Knowledge?

There are lots of makeup academy outside and all promises to deliver their best. We as a best makeup academy in Delhi, helps you to launch in the industry with our demanding and advanced make-up courses. All of our brilliant teaching staff is talented and permanent working make-up artists in the industry. Their creativity, understanding, skills and knowledge will be passed on to every student and assist you seek which ever stage you have set to achieve. There are numerous scopes when deciding to work in the beauty industry, from fashionable photographic work to theatrical and entertainment.

Introduction about Shweta Gaur

Shweta Gaur a lady who has just changed the perception about makeup and transformed many lives through her best efforts. She started her career as a freelance makeup artist and now she is operating an academy and assisting students through Shweta Gaur Makeup Course in Delhi which consists of extensive curriculum to deal with every kind of makeup issues. With her experience and skills, she is guiding a number of students to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.


In simple word, this is merely a fastest growing industry. After seeing regard and satisfaction in this thrilling job are huge, students are looking for the best academy where they can learn the basic as well as advanced techniques of makeup to get beautiful look. Being a top makeup academy in East Delhi, we at Shweta Gaur makeup academy helps our students to achieve a new height in their career.


Beauty industry is now a day growing and appealing a major part of masses to start their career as a makeup artist or beauty expert. Over the past years, the industry has maintained an impressive chart growth of annual turnover and this has shifted the mind of investors, professionals and aspirants to step into the industry and look possibilities to success. Let’s join with us to walk towards the height of achievement!

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