How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly?

How to Apply Lipstick Flawlessly?

Applying lipstick can be difficult at times because if you do it in a hurry you can easily get in on your teeth, chin, teeth or some other place which can be embarrassing. Also, your makeup look will depend on how well you have applied the lipstick. A flawless lipstick look can be achieved easily by following some crucial steps.

There are tips to make your pouts look lovely and get you those pretty looks. Here we are giving you some important tips, some of which might be new to you or not, so see what all you need to grab.

Here are some important steps that you need to apply lipstick flawlessly:

Moisturize your Lips

This is the first and the most important step when applying a lipstick. You’ll have dry and chapped lips if you don’t moisturize, and liquid lipstick will only intensify that. So, make sure you moisturize a few minutes before you apply it. This also prevents liquid lipstick from getting blistering. You can also exfoliate your lips to get all the dead skin off your lips before you moisturize it. An easy way is using a DIY lip-scrub using honey, brown sugar, olive oil or coconut oil.

How To Choose The Perfect Foundation

Choose the Perfect Lipstick

Now the next step is to pick the perfect lipstick for you. Along with considering your color or shade, it is also important to see whether the color that you are using suits your skin tone or not. For this, you can consult a Professional Makeup Artist, who has years of experience in the makeup industry and knows very well that which color or lip shade will suit your skin tone or personality.

You can try a few different shades to see what formulations look good on you. You may like the look of matte lipsticks but it doesn’t look that great on everyone. Also, each lipstick type has its pros and cons like mattes being long-lasting but are dry and creamy ones can feel nice on but you might need to reapply over and over again.

Highlight your Cupid’s Bow

Our cupid’s bow can make the whole lipstick look shine. Take a highlighter pen and apply it on the cupid’ bow to highlight which will make your lips shine. This step is also important for your Bridal Makeup look, as it enhances the shape of your lips as well and makes them look fuller.

Highlight your Cupid’s Bow

Use Lip Liner to Line your Lips

Take a lip liner matching to the shade of your lipstick and line your lips and fill them in. This will define the shape of the lips and it is going to help so much when you apply the liquid lipstick because the shape is already defined. 

To get a pouty look, you can also play around and over-line your lips, or keep it refined and line them in the shape of your lips. But make sure so that you don’t mess up your lips, and to remove the color and repeat the whole process.

Concealer is a Must

You should always keep a concealer with you. So that even if you make some mistake in your makeup or while applying lipstick, you can always hide it using a concealer. Many makeup artists, including celebrity Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur, have admitted that this is the go-to tip if you mess up your look. There’s always a slight up or down when it comes to applying liquid lipstick and that’s completely fine. 

Highlight in the Center

Highlighter has become an essential part of the makeup look, and there is no such thing as too much highlighter. To create your perfect lipstick look, you just need to dab on a bit in the center of your lips and look how they dazzle. Also, make sure that it is not too much of it, nor too less of it. You can also learn to apply makeup like a professional by joining Makeup Courses offered by Shweta Gaur Makeup artist and academy. This Makeup Academy has been offering best makeup and hairstyles courses to thousands of students who can easily create a dynamic career for themselves as a professional makeup artist.

Highlight in the Center

End Note

Follow the above-mentioned steps and you can easily create the flawless lipstick look. Shine bright with your best makeup. Applying lipstick may sound like an easy task, but when you start doing the same, you get to know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Keep these lipstick tips in mind the next time you are applying lipstick and share your experience with us!

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