Hair Highlights For The Indian Skin Tone

Hair Highlights For The Indian Skin Tone

Indian skin tone is mostly wheat-ish, and it can sport most shades of highlights. The possibilities that we can play with are infinite, ranging from orange, to magenta, and even copper. Here are some hair highlight suggestions that you can play with:

Red Velvet Highlights:

These are a rich deep shade, and the good part is they add in blue shades to enhance the colour. Absolutely read and gorgeous, this is for the people who love bold!

Auburn Balayage:

This is a natural red shade that you can sport. This is a blend of red and brown, and is compatible if you already have brown hair. Absolutely great shade choice if you want a slight lift.

Dark Red Highlights:

This is the secret to become a redhead, without getting it too red. The perfect contrast and sublime hair for your trendy looks, you can try this if you are experimental. The final effect will be bold and yet mellowed.

Burgundy Highlights:

Burgundy highlights are better known as sheer elegance. Low maintenance and delightful – they are the best for those who are looking at a soft ombre look.

Magenta Highlights:

If you are looking for dramatic, you can opt for this look – silver, magenta, blues and reds all in one. Brilliant for those who would want to look wild and different!

Merlot Highlights:

If you are in love with wine, this would probably be the best for you. It’s a deep warm red shade that will add depth to your hair. Its brilliant to stay with cool skin tones, and you can pair it up with mahogany hair shades for best effect.

Deep Plum Shade:

Plum isn’t going to be visible on black hair, so this is going to be great if you choose to dye larger sections of your hair. It looks gorgeous in daylight, and you are going to look natural yet fascinating!

Copper Red Highlights:

Copper comes with variety – some are red, some more brownish. This is a high maintenance colour, so if you are opting for this, you need to be careful.

Violet Baby Lights:

If bright reds are not your type, you should try this shade. Try a violet smokey shade highlight and look dazzling!

Peek-a-boo Red Highlights:

Red hair peeking from otherwise black hair is a look that you could try for! You could try a bun, or even keep the hair open, this works the best! It looks professional, and even can spike your party days!

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