Essential Home Remedy Face Masks for Acne

Essential Home Remedy Face Masks for Acne

Face masks are an essential part of any beauty regime. They are meant to soothe your skin, give your skin the essential nutrients, and keep your skin hydrated. Purchasing products on a daily basis can be expensive – so there are a couple of masks that you can make at home itself!

Aloe Vera and tomato face mask for acne:

You will need 2 table spoons of tomato juice and 1 table spoon of aloe vera gel, mix these quantities well in a bowl. Wash your face and neck thoroughly with a cleanser, and then apply the mask. Leave on till it dries and then rinse off.

Egg White and Papaya Face Mask for Pimples:

Mash the papaya down to a pulp, and whisk in the egg whites. Add in honey, thoroughly wash your face, and then apply the mask. Let sit for some time, and wash off with lukewarm water.

Tea Tree oil and clay mask:

Use the essential tea tree oil to the clay, along with few drops of rose water. Apply this on face after cleaning, and let it dry. Rinse after drying.

Overnight mask aloe and tea:

Use tea tree oil, aloe, and a few drops of coconut oil to make a mask. Apply overnight, and let it sit.

Black charcoal peel off mask for blackheads:

Mix charcoal powder and clay, along with gelatine and a wooden spatula. Add in the hot water, and mix well. At this stage, pour in lavender essential oil drops. Apply this on face, and leave until it dries out. After drying, start peeling out in small sections. Clean face with a wet cloth, for complete removal. This would give you a glowing skin.

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