Different Eye Makeup For Different Eye Color

Different Eye Makeup For Different Eye Color

Gone are the days when women only have had two options – Blue & Black to choose when it comes to eye shadow, but with the passing time a plethora of ranges available in the market to make your eye appealing, mesmerizing and expressive. Eyeshadows have different shades that give you the comfort of playing with a multitude of colors and textures to create the graceful and chic look you wish for. Though, with all these options, it becomes difficult to get the right eye shadow for your makeup. Today we are doing some guesswork to make you follow related to how to create a Reception Makeup look that enhances your eye color, so follow these simple guidelines –

Shades For Brown Eyes:

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Women who have brown eyes are blessed with more versatile eyes and they can wear any kind eye shades. In fact, your eyes will go with any color, but if you want more clarity on your eyes, you must use deep purple and bronze gold. To let your brown eyes look lighter, look for a deep green color. As per Makeup Artist in Delhi – for eyes that amaze, prefer eye makeup in fresh colors such as charcoal or silver. Finally, put in a touch of intensity to any look with black. You can either mix together with a slight black eye shadow into your pleat or if you possess dark brown eyes, use black eyeliner on your waterline to include an additional definition.  

Shades For Blue Eyes:

Do you know orange is the opposite color of blue and if you have blue eyes, you should use orange undertone eyeshadows to make your eyes look classy and big? Gold, bronze or shimmery eye shades will also suit your eyes and make them look pretty. Must remember that black eyeliner will appear too harsh on your blue eye because you tend to have a light skin tone. If you want a subtle look while complimenting your eyes, try brown and bronze eye shades, which is considered perfect by Bridal Makeup Experts.

Shades For Green or Hazel Eyes:

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If you have green/hazel eyes, red can be the perfect shade in the color store. Since red color is totally different and looks bright from other colors, and it will not only give you a natural look but also blessed you with gorgeous Bridal Makeup. So you should look eyeshadow in the pink or even deeper color with ruddy hints such as rust, mahogany, and bronze. You can also go to violet shade to highlight your green eyes. Even for your blue-eyes, shop a black eyeliner for minimum harsh shade such as – charcoal, silver or even purple.

Shades For Gray Eyes:

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Ladies blessed with gray-eyed are considered as the most unique personalities. Your wild eyes look perfectly balanced with eye makeup that adds to their hazy shade. Pick eyeshadows with steely colors, such as gray, light gray, or frozen blue during your Pre Bridal Makeup and see the difference. It will amaze your eyes with its amazing highlighting features.

Perfect Makeup:

Now you have an idea related to which eyeshade will look best at you. You can virtually use all colors in your makeup room and decide which color will highlight your eye and give them a perfect treat. Once you pick the right color to please your eyes, must share pictures of your eye makeup look with us and we will definitely upload that picture on our social media site to let others know how you are benefitted by our above makeup tips and how you became able to recognize the color of your eyes. Practice not only makes perfect Makeup Artist but also allow people to create something unique and fresh. In another blog, we will come with new makeup tips and new ideas, till then stay happy and look beautiful.