Difference between makeup HD Airbrush and Makeup MAC

Difference between makeup HD Airbrush and Makeup MAC

Just go back and put pressure on your mind to recall the time when the brushes and sponges were used to mix the makeup with your skin for giving a faultless look. With the evolution of digital cameras, it becomes impossible for a makeup artist to cover even a small mark on the bride’s face as every angle able to capture all things on your face through high definition lenses. To cover the faults and get a perfect makeup face, the compulsive brides today are looking seriously for airbrush and HD makeup. But have you ever thought what variations between two of them are?

Just smile and leave the tension aside as we have brought you a complete guide about these.

Which one is better?

Now comes in detail – Airbrush makeup is a kind of light-hearted makeup used applied with an air-gun. Let me clear? A high quality liquid foundation is transferred into the small chamber of the air-gun and spread on the bride’s face. As soon one press the trigger a mist of foundation comes out and covers the face to create a flawless touch and the makeup mix perfectly on your skin.

With the use of digital cameras to find out the close-up of the bride, the Freelance Makeup Artist will have to work hard to find out to cover the stains and acne spots. HD makeup discovered to protect the makeup artist and create a faultless look for a HD camera. The quality makeup work hides all the blemishes which come into view on the face and provides a natural look.

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Myth 1 – Airbrush makeup appear heavier on your face

Fact – To make sure even exposure, the airbrush is scattered gradually over the face which makes it look simple than the customary makeup. But if your makeup artist has ability to apply deep base then it will appear heavier with the airbrush practice. Let your Makeup Artist in Delhi know your choices.

Myth 2- Airbrush makeup soften quickly

Fact- Brides don’t keep this wrong myth in your mind, it is possible only when a poor foundation is applied or the knowledge of the makeup artists is basic. Look for Top Makeup Artist in Delhi when you plan to go for airbrush bridal makeup.

Myth 3- Airbrush makeup is costly than regular

Fact- The alluring and perfect texture of airbrush makeup is sufficient to give good reason for its cost. It may possible that the regular makeup can’t give you such kind of perfection that a airbrush makeup can easily gives to your face and it will be performed in short time.

Myth 4- Airbrush makeup is advanced

Fact- Airbrush makeup may provide you a faultless and amazing face but customary makeup is not at the back in the race. Both are genuinely good at their own place to give you a perfect face that bridal shine throughout her wedding. The preferences should be totally of your own.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Airbrush makeup and HD makeup


1) Airbrush makeup is a rescuer for wedding brides as the silicone rich makeup hold for long. HD makeup alternatively is appropriate for every kind of skins because the fine elements mix completely into your skin and give a faultless look.

2) A heavy makeup has become a subject to avoid these days. The HD makeup provides a smooth touch to the face to look natural and less covered.

3) HD makeup gives no remnants and provides complete texture to the face covering the stains and marks.


  • Airbrush makeup can become expensive for you in compare to HD makeup. But it can differ from one artist to another.
  • Airbrush makeup can be a bad decision for the brides who have dry skin as it will make peeling appearance as the base applied is not soft than the normal base.
  • It is a boring job to re-mix the makeup with Airbrush, not like normal makeup.
  • Airbrush makeup is not capable to coat the stains totally and every so often the blemish becomes visible at the back the makeup. An expert is required to correct the fault.

Our suggestions for All Brides

Earlier than choosing Airbrush or HD makeup, remember that your financial plan and skin type keeps important. If you Book Your Makeup Artist in Delhi who understands your desire, you can still obtain a perfect appearance devoid of the Airbrush and HD makeup. To get a fresh makeup style, go for pre bridal makeup. An Airbrush makeup test perhaps cost you.

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