Celebrate This Diwali with Trendy Makeup Tips

Celebrate This Diwali with Trendy Makeup Tips

Diwali, the fiesta of lights is on the way and it is time to plan some unique look! Share the beauty trends with your loved ones with the best wishes and greetings of Diwali.

Luminous lights, bursting crackers and glittering sky the words usually comes in our mind when the festival of Diwali enters-into our calendar. The celebration is just a reflection of freedom, love and prosperity. It is common to see people dressed up in new attires and make up to look good and feel good. It wouldn’t be wrong to say if you plan to discover a new makeup look for your Diwali celebration as a makeup goes well with the festivity and gives you a reason to smile. Well, we all know that getting dressed up and putting on makeup can be a tedious task, so what if Top Makeup Artist in India suggest you some ideas to get ready quickly on this special occasion –


Here are some tips that will not go wrong :–

Cleansing the Pores –

It is a perfect way to preserve the glow of your skin, so clean your face thoroughly. It not only helps you to remove impurity and dust from your face, but also brings out glowing complexion which you will love it.

Use Ice-Cubs before Makeup –

When you apply Ice-cubs on your face, it seals the open pores and keeps your sweat under control. Apply even on your neck prior to makeup to preserve that beautiful look.

Apply Base Perfectly

The first thing you need to apply the right base. After cleaning and moisturizing your face, apply right foundation that suits your face skin. Soon use concealer on scars, marks or cut to cover it. Mix the concealer properly along with slight face powder to create finishing.

Put Colors on Lips

Lip is a very soft part of the human body, so before applying lipstick put some lip balm on it to deal with dryness along with covering the huge pores. According to Top Makeup Artist in Delhi, if you are going to wear a dark color dress, use vibrant lip color like red or brown, else you are wearing a subtle color dress, use pink lipstick.

Trendy Makeup for Eyes

Well, we can’t tell you that smokey eyes are not in trends. What will work in this season is that you go for a winged eyeliner look as there is nothing hotter than appealing eyes on a colorful festive night. Finish your look with applying a pinch of mascara.

Stroke Blush on Your Cheeks

A shiny face and red-faced cheeks is a perfect combination that makes your appearance noticeable. There will not be a good way of looking different this Diwali by applying a bit of shining makeup for those blushing cheeks.

Easy Hairstyle

If you don’t like to do fireworks, leave your hair without making any bun. Use a nice hair spray to make your hair bounce, what would be better than looking sexier than a girl with an aromatic flowing hair. But, if you have decided to spend this Diwali bursting cracker, then it is good to choose for a bent side ponytail.

Every lady wants to get the maximum attention, especially at the time of Diwali. So, you will need some necessary Diwali Makeup Artist tips to hide all the breaks that anxiety, toxic waste, and way of life alternatives do to your skin.

“This Diwali try every possible course of action to look best. Diwali is a festivity of lights and we want you to look glowing and gleaming. “

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