Bride Makeup Essentials For Pre And Post Wedding Ceremonies

Bride Makeup Essentials For Pre And Post Wedding Ceremonies

For a wedding, it is not only to look great at every major function, but also during the intermittent times. A wedding is an entire affair – the parts within might not be ceremonious, but can be an accidental selfie. And you need to be ready for it. For the simplest of lunches with families, you still need to look gorgeous and beautiful, and you cant be running to the salon every 15 minutes for that. For the perfect radiant look, here are some of the products that you must be keeping handy around you.

There are a thousand of tutorials available online, and you might want to learn all of them, but having a basic set of products is always helpful. Here are the basic checklists that you must be following in case you want to be ready for your wedding!

Basic Makeup Products to do your own Pre or Post Wedding Makeup

1. Moisturizer

A must for all seasons, keep applying moisturizer after every face wash session. You might want to move to a cooling moisturizer with Aloe if its summer, or a sandalwood one if its winter. Choose one carefully and stick to that product diligently.

2. Primer

Getting a primer is always a wise decision. You are going to layer your face at all times with a dozen of layers of foundation – your skin needs protection at this stage. You cannot afford to kill your face with so many chemicals and then have rash all over. The primer will protect your skin from damage, and will help to rejuvenate your skin.

3. Foundation:

This is definitely the base to your makeup. Even if you haven’t the time to get a full Madonna look, what you can do is cover your blemishes and look dewy for the family lunch. An even skin tone is something that you would love to flaunt, and foundation is the key to it.

4. Concealer:

The best magic wand in market – this patches up all the pimples that you might have grown from the makeup overdose. Save your skin the embarrassment and apply concealer for a smooth even tone skin.

5. Compact:

The instant fixer of all damages – this one lets the makeup sit right on point, and holds everything in place. A must use for all brides – for that instant touch up and fresh look.

6. Blush:

Want to look lively and pink and yet cannot figure out how? Get a blusher for yourself and use a brush to apply it on your cheekbones. This should just about do it for you.

7. Eye shadow palette:

This one can never go wrong – it might be time taking to apply this, but it is absolutely indispensable for the bride. A light shade to go with your ensemble is just perfect for your private family dinner.

8. Kajal and Mascara:

This set should never be forgotten. Absolutely your best friend – this works super quick to instantly liven up your eyes. A quick touch of this magic applicator makes your eyes look different instantly.

9. Lip Balm:

Lips always chapped and droopy? Skin fading out and looking bad? Use the lip balm 24×7 to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. Absolutely a life saver for your dewy lips.

10. Lipsticks:

Keep a nude shade handy – just in case your lipstick fades out after lunch. This has the capacity to change your look instantly – and give a bright glow to your lips.


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