Benefits of Bath Salts

Benefits of Bath Salts

A pinch of salt in your food makes it taste wonderful – else it is all bland, like that we have Bath salt for you. Salt has multiple benefits – that includes your hygiene routine. If you start using a few tablespoons of bath salts and start scrubbing your body with it, there are millions of benefits that are associates with it. Also, it is available in different fragrances and colours, this product has its own spectra of benefits. Bathtub or not, you can always reap benefits from this product. 

For your Trivia:

Dead Sea salts have huge benefits – they have minerals that nourish the whole body. They also soften the skin. Similarly, pink salt, a variety of bath salt can stimulate blood circulation, relax the body, soothe out sore muscles and remove harmful toxins from the body. 

Have no tub? Don’t be flustered: 

You might be thinking that bath salts are related to a luxury spa and it can’t be used anywhere else. You can, of course, use it even at home, without any worries. Simply add two tablespoons of salt to warm water, and try soaking your feet in them. Moreover, This would help relax your body and increase circulation. You could repeat the same for your whole body. Add it to your bucket of water and rinse your body with it. 

Home remedies:

You don’t even have to buy expensive salts from the market. For making your own home formula bath salt, simply mix Epsom salt, baking soda, glycerin. This will be an excellent formula for your skin to be relieved of perspiration and dryness. You can add in flower petals and more to increase your sensory experience.

But of course, those with medical complications should immediately consult a doctor before using salts – if you have allergies, blood pressure conditions, diabetes or heart conditions, it is always good to consult a doctor before including this in your beauty ritual. 

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