All You Need To Know About Nail Extensions

All You Need To Know About Nail Extensions

Just imagine, a fact that your Nail Art in Delhi is bringing respect from the people around you. Wonderful isn’t it! Well, it was an ancient story in Egypt, where long nails were considered as high status. Even in many civilizations, nail designs were very popular. Perhaps, the nail extension idea doesn’t give you any social privilege or reward, but it will definitely tell you about your personality. Let me know who would prefer the dirty and messy nails, I think no one! We all like cleaned, maintained and shine nails. It might be not noticeable, but in our day to day life, we use our hands many times and each time our nails are exposed. Be it calling someone or typing on your keyboard in front of your colleagues, your nails keep importance in your daily life.

Nail polishes are the most general way to design your nails. Though, other preferences like gel nails and acrylic nails are also fairly admired. Artificial Nails are best for those people who don’t want to grow or groom their nails. You can easily get in the market and fix on your nails to make it long. They are simply flexible in their patterns and available in different designs. Be it different colors or unique designs, anything you apply to your natural nails can also be applied to the nail extensions.

Nail extensions: What are they?

Nail extensions are a lightweight plastic plate that is used to give length to your nails. They stick to the top and follow the shape of the nail. Once these plates are set, this is made stronger by acrylic or gel coating. After going through such process, your nails turn out to be protected and shiny.

Types of Nail Extensions:

Nail Art in Delhi

Like most of the other things, Nail Art in Delhi is not without varieties. There are so many technologies that have arrived to apply fake nails on your natural nails…

Acrylic Nail

These have been around in fashion for a long time and when we get suggestions from Makeup Artist, a certain amount of liquid is used to a solid the path your nails. Acrylic nails are dried out by the extrusion of air. The chemicals used on the nails are gone out when the air blows through the nails and make it apply nail polish. Acrylic nails possess a number of advantages and it can be fixed easily in your home. You need not visit any nail salon and will last for long.

Gel Nail

Gel nail is a totally different thing than Acrylic nail as it works under a technology. Gel nail doesn’t dry out on its own and you have to dry out with an LED lamp. Nail extension technology is used to get a shiny appearance and more comfortable than acrylic nails. It looks natural and gives a wet look to your nail. The advantages of gel nail are its appearance that makes you choose over acrylic nails. It gives your nails a shiny and bright look to your nails. Even you can cure it easily.

What to get acrylic or gel?

Well, after reading about the gel nail extension and acrylic nail extension, you may find yourself in a state of confusion to choose one. According to Nail Artist in Noida – both have different advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best as per their durability and appearance. For a short time, gel nails will be a perfect idea, but when you desire your manicure to last long, acrylics are the best option.

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