7 Beauty Rituals No One Talks About But Everyone Does

7 Beauty Rituals No One Talks About But Everyone Does

The glamour world talks about limited beauty hacks only – they won’t tell you about the millions of things that need to be done and form a part of the basic hygiene. Sadly, due to misinformation, a lot of people miss out on these hygiene rituals and stay in the dark. To avoid this, we have shortlisted some of the famous hacks that everyone does, but does not tell you.

1. Smelly Under Pits:

No one wakes up with freshly flower smelling under pits – and simply deo doesn’t help it. You would need to clean them daily, with a lathering soap, and then apply deo. If you don’t clean it, the remnants of the previous day’s grime causes the foul smell.

2. Yellow Teeth:

This one is a common disaster. Often people never mention this, but one needs to rinse their mouth after every meal – even tea. Drinks like tea and coffee leave a tough stain on your teeth, so that is the reason why your teeth look yellow.

3. Navel Dirt:

You might have never heard this – but your navel region accumulates dirt, and if you do not clean this once a week, it accumulates a lot of fungus. Tremendously harmful for your body – this needs to absolutely be cleaned every week.

4. Ankle Hygiene:

Your ankle gets a huge doze of dirt from external sources. You might skip this region while scrubbing, because it is assumed that if you wash your feet, your dirt gets removed. It doesn’t happen that way – you need to scrub your feet to remove that dirt.

5. Ear Wax:

Your ears accumulate a lot of wax regularly – and you often skip cleaning rituals. Use a cotton bud to clean up the ear hollows regularly. This would help to rid your body of a probably fungal invasion.

6. Hair Root Cleaning:

A monthly spa is absolutely needed to cleanse off your hair roots. This cannot be done with a simple shampoo routine. A thorough warm spa helps you to get healthier hair.

7. Feet Nail Hygiene:

Your nails in your feet accumulate more oil and grime than you can imagine – you might need to do a regular feet scrub and a monthly pedicure to get rid of that. You can’t expect to have flowery feet every day without putting in toil behind it.

Follow this regime for a healthy body and a beautiful outlook!

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