11 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil That You Didn’t Know About

11 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil That You Didn’t Know About

Recently the beauty fraternity is obsessed with this product, and in all probabilities, it will grow more famous. Coconut oil has a plethora of benefits that we are still trying to discover. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser and more. The added benefit is its low costs.

These Are The 11 Ways You Could Use This Inexpensive Yet Useful Product:

1. As a Moisturizer: A lot of people can handle heavy moisture creams and oils, and for them, it’s a brilliant product. A lot of people cannot handle this product, because it is comedogenic (and it clogs the pores) – for them, of course, we don’t recommend this product.

For any dehydrated skin type, this formula is highly recommended. You can apply it overnight and wait for the results the next morning. You could use this as a daytime product by mixing in your BB cream and applying it with this product. This should work out the best for you!

2. Coconut Oil as Massage Oil: there would be no need to spend on an expensive bottle of massage oil when you could easily buy a big tub of coconut oil. You could use it right out of the container, and it melts there in your hands, or you could melt it and infuse it with your favorite essential oil and then use it. If you want still better effects, just warm it up for a few seconds and then use it!

3. Coconut Oil Use as a Body Lotion: the entire body is usually dry and massaging this great product into your body can actually hydrate your skin. Apply all over your body and breathe in the moisture that it erupts.

4. Coconut Oil Use for Oil Pulling: this might be a new thing to hear – but what you can do with coconut oil for mouth hygiene is amazing! Simply swish coconut oil in your mouth for 15 min and it’ll lead to cleaner mouth, fresher breath, definitely lower cavities and more!

5. Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover: if you are someone who doesn’t like all the excess moisture, you might want to try just the makeup removal part. Massage gently all over your face, and then wipe it off with beauty wipes. This should leave your skin clean from the makeup residues.

6. Coconut Oil as Body Scrubs: you can take any coarse ingredient, like coffee, sea salt, or sugar, and combine it with coconut oil and use it to exfoliate your skin. Make sure to use this only on your body – your face might not be able to handle the abrasives.

7. Coconut Oil for Cracked Feet: cracked and gnarled feet often happen in summers, and they are pitiful to watch. Moisturize your feet well and rejuvenate them with coconut oil. Does your feet with the oil, and then cover them with socks to retain the moisture. This should work best!

8. Coconut Oil for Reviving Dry Hair Ends: Your hair is dry and dehydrated, think no more and buy that tin of coconut oil. You could sleep on it, and then shampoo it away!

9. Coconut Oil for Taming Flyaway’s: you would need a tiny amount of oil to tame down your flyaway’s – and if you are someone with dense curls, you might just love this one!

10. Coconut Oil for Nourishing Your Cuticles: we often do too little for our nails -we might want to take a little more care for them. Massage around the cuticles to have an absolutely healthy nail growth.

11. Coconut Oil Treatment for Post Therapy: if you have undergone laser, and other chemical treatments, this one acts as a natural healing agent and soothes out the sores or red lumps.

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