10 common makeup mistakes to be avoided

10 common makeup mistakes to be avoided

Being a makeup artist, I feel bad when I see makeup mistakes numerous women often make. It is a difficult position to tell a person how they could look better, but it can become risky or you are hurting someone’s feelings. The fact is that makeup is not as easy as it looks because you have to consider a lot of things like the right products and the right use.

Here, I have mentioned ten common beauty mistakes that I see on a regular basis and included some of my tested makeup tips that can help people to look more gorgeous, beautiful and superb at your wedding.

1.Contour Disasters

A bad outlining can makes a beautiful face look a little awful and unsurprisingly, it is a very tough job that takes hours to be perfect. You have to get the right colors and know where to apply them for the right impact and combine them rightly and make sure there are no spots on the face. Basically, the outlining comes with dark color hide features along with with the light colors feature. Most of the makeup artist in Delhi will agree with the above terms, I think!

2.Base Struggles

It makes me feel weird to look people strolling around the stalls with an ugly foundation mask on their face as it happens when a brush stops performing when it reaches the jawline. Foundation should not be worn like face cream, and if you want to hide close to your Jawline, make sure to apply the foundation onto the neck. The main feature of the foundation is receiving the right color and provides the best bridal makeup to the bride.

3.Yellowish-Brown Flesh

Sometimes, we all have to apply false makeup just one time – with horrible results. Your hands change in orange, your skin appears weird and after all, you just appear a little nasty.

  • The complexion should not change into orange.
  • Wear hand gloves after applying the skin cream.
  • Ascertain there are no lines on your body.
  • Learn to get the right color for your party makeup.
  • Follow bottle instructions cautiously.

4.Spider Effect Mascara

When you use mascara, make sure don’t use it excess to look like a baby. Lashes are like to be located up close to your eye not from crossways the room. Putting some extra volume to your lashes will give you a dramatic eye for reception makeup, though; you don’t wish a bunch of mascara.

5.Awful Lip Liner

I couldn’t understand why people can’t differentiate amid lip liner and lipstick shades. Lip liner helps your lipstick stay for long. It also assists to match the color with the natural color of your lip and enhance the lip look. But choose the liner according to your natural lip complexion or lipstick color well – if there’s any distinction between the two shades, people will notice!

6.Strange brows

The fashion for brow always changes with hair colors, so getting the perfect brow shape can be a little tricky. You perhaps wish to call a brow threading professional for assistance. Remember that all you do is semi-permanent, so I will suggest you stay away from trends and just keep your brows as natural as possible. There is not anything better than getting a clean brow with an ideal eye application during your Pre Bridal Makeup.

7.Overloaded Makeup

When it comes to makeup use, you need to focus on one direction means it could be shadowed eyes, pop-out lips or heavy curved cheekbones such as – Focus on which area of your face to emphasize and use most of your noticeably colored makeup there. If you have several marks on your face, you are going to appear as a joker if the colors are dazzling or like a leech if they are shady.

8.Blush line and sphere

This is a common thing among people as when they enter into their 70s stage, around shady circle below the eye appears and what we hunt for a clean and glowing look. Blush should be used below the cheekbone, make sure you combine it up of your cheek. The color of the blush should be similar to the color you receive.

9.Lipstick mishap

Wearing a shady lipstick whole day can make you feel dehydrated, remember – the more you lick your lips or the drier they turn, it may possible your lipstick will move to your teeth! There is not anything more off-putting than doing a discussion with someone with red all over their teeth. Avoid this by wiping off any lipstick that exists on the inside part of your lips.

10.Eyeliner overload

Apply the point of the brush to make a slimline, and then turn the brush to make a dense line as you go up. The line doesn’t touch your complete lid at an end, though. The line should be dense at the outside part of the eye. From there, take a slim triangle upward to the outside part of the brow and load in, to put the appearance on the exact down. This requires practice! So what are you thinking?

Makeup is a practicing activity so the more you do, the result will be better. Don’t be scared to play with different colors and get trendy looks. Finally, you don’t wish to be a part of makeup crime!

Whatever! There is no need to worry if you do such silly mistakes while wearing makeup because usually people commits, but getting a step towards enrolling for Shweta Gaur Makeup Course in Delhi can be the right step to know some tricks. The course is designed especially for you people to get some skills to apply the right makeup and get the right look.

Even after completing the course, you can work as a freelance makeup artist which is also a growing profession now a day. The schedule is customized as per your daily precedence and includes basic as well as advanced makeup tutorial to give a comprehensive overview of the industry. Our makeup academy in Delhi is a top-rated makeup school that believes in serving the best makeup education along with great learning experience.

Note – Even you can book makeup artist in Delhi for your wedding as we have well-trained artists who have devoted years while practicing in this beauty world.

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